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Almost everyone wants to know how to be stylish, even if everyone does not have the same opinion about the style. If your style idea and appropriate, whatever brings life, confirmed with the suggestions in this article, so read on.

 Step 1

Wear clothes that flatter your figure. The first thing you need to do to be stylish is to make sure you wear the clothes that suits you. Because the effortless style should be subtle, you need tight-fitting clothing to preserve the elegant, expensive, and stylish clothing. Maybe you want clothes that will make you look slimmer and the perfect height, with everything

 Step 2

Stay with the classic cuts. The effortless style is mainly based on classic looks. Dressing for current trends simply shows that you’ve been thinking too much about this outfit and are following the fashion news as a broker keeping an eye on stocks. Choose classic styles in classic cuts for a simpler look that lasts for years.
This means, for example, that women should pay more attention to knee length pants while men should avoid pants with thin legs in favor of slightly wider braces.
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Step 3

Choose neutral, neutral colors and bold accents. The most popular colors and colors, which are considered to be absolutely ugly, are very dependent on time and place. For example, look at your 70’s mother’s clothes: to look stylish, you’ll want a more timeless look, that is, you have to stick to the most neutral and neutral colors. However, this can be divided with strong accent colors especially on accessories.
Weakened colors are Beige, Black, White, Denim / Navy and Gray.
Good accent colors are the most reds, many blues, purple plum / aubergine, golden yellow (like ducks or rubber tulips) and emerald green.
Be careful with certain colors. Beware of other greens and yellows and generally avoid oranges as these colors are likely to go in and out of fashion, but if you think they are elegant, go for it.
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Step 4

Avoid busy prints and textures. Well-filled prints and textures (such as fluffy / fluffy / feathery fabric) can make an outfit look old fashioned and casual, as they are fashionable only for one season or one year. Next year will be another model, so why? Be stylish by keeping your clothes fashionable for decades, not months.

 Step 5

Buy strategically. To really look stylish, you want your clothes to look expensive. You can make cheap clothes expensive, but investing in really expensive items could be a good idea. A range of luxury items that are hard to fool, such as a pretty pullover or a wool coat, can really help you. A limited number of more comfortable items are preferable to a large number of inexpensive items.
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Step 6

Create a removable collection. If you really want to effortlessly go into an effortless style, you’ll need a wardrobe that fits almost all the pieces together. This allows you to dress for comfort, style preferences or weather conditions rather than being restricted by color combinations or styles.
Use only one style of clothing (Vintage, Modern, etc.) and use a single color palette (this should be helpful if you followed our tips for using soft colors with limited accents of grease).
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Step 7

Take care of your clothes. If you are looking for an elegant style, your clothes should be well maintained. No stains, no holes, no loose threads, no wrinkles. If you want your clothes to look well-groomed, it’s best to take care of them! Keep clothes clean, fold and store them properly, and perform other basic maintenance as needed (such as sewing small holes).
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Step 8

Get customized items. What you probably do not know about models and celebrities is part of the reason why they are so stylish that their clothes fit perfectly with their bodies. And how do you get perfectly fitting clothes? Get a tailor, of course! Find a reliable tailor in your area to completely change your clothes for your body. Even some department stores do it for you.
It’s not as expensive as it looks. Tailoring a shirt often costs only $ 10-20, pants around $ 30-40.
It may sound like a silly issue, but once you customize a nice piece of clothing and keep it in place, you will look fantastic for the next ten years. It is an investment.

Just stay. The effortless style is not an effort, so keep your outfits simple. Use a limited number of clothes and accessories. This is especially important for accessories.
For example, do not wear scarf, bracelets and big earrings and a hat. Try limiting yourself to two notable / accented accessories.
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Step 10

Choose a suitable outfit for the occasion. You will want to wear clothing that looks stylish, but not too much for the occasion. Coating is a sure sign that you think too much about your clothes. Do not wear disguises to do your shopping and, for example, do not wear a long dress for a cocktail dress.
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Step 11

Emphasize the accessories. Since your clothing itself usually needs to be neutral and neutral in color, you want to make your accessories your accent. These should attract attention and look very cool. It’s easier to have accessories that match the latest trends and fashions, so do not worry (it’s normal in this area).
For example, you can combine a soft hat and a fashionable scarf with a brown jacket, a blue T-shirt, white skinny jeans and brown boots.
Another example would be to wear a black dress and tie it in red earrings and a bracelet.
Be sure to keep your color scheme on the entire outfit. The accent colors should generally be the same or complementary.
Do not neglect the hair. You want your hair to be elegant too. Keep it done in a simple style or a “disheveled” look with care, but make sure to create the look. Your hair must be beautiful, even if you have not spent an hour correcting it.
Avoid products for a more natural look with effortless style. It means no gel or paint!
Use minimal make-up. Women should avoid using a very eye-catching make-up. Keep the colors natural, ladies, and get as close as you can to believe you have no makeup at all. Of course, you want to focus on your best features and hide some mistakes, but do not worry.
The lips are an exception because they are a great way to add a little extra to an outfit by introducing bright colors like a classic red.
Keep lines and texture to a minimum. Mixed patterns are incredibly difficult and will make you more chaotic and less stylish. It’s okay to have an item in your outfit that has a pattern or texture but is limited to one.
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Step 15

Avoid bulk goods. Keep the levels to a minimum and avoid large parts or other objects that add volume. These will make you look chubby and less refined and elegant. Oversized sweaters have a certain amount of time and space, but tend to become fashionable to a certain extent. So be careful.
Do not neglect the perfume. While this is not obvious, smell can greatly contribute to how people perceive you. Feel good about keeping yourself and your clothes clean, but also think about including a perfume or cologne in your clothing line. Avoid young fragrances like fruity smells in favor of something more mature for a really chic touch.
Have a signature style. Keep your clothes in a theme to give you a distinctive style. It’s a look that people associate with you and make you look more stylish, even if they do not necessarily like your clothes.
Adapt your appearance to yourself. The style you create for yourself should generally suit your personality. For example, a truly adorable woman who takes a catty look will seem strange and out of place, like a serious businessman dressed in a gangsta style. Adapt your clothes to your personality and people will see it much sooner than your style.
Be confident Do you already feel that some models could carry a brown paper bag and continue to run on a track that looks like fashion? Do you know a guy who wears a tracksuit and is still in fashion? What the fashion industry does not want you to know is that it takes a lot of style to build trust. Of course, you do not have to be sure of yourself, but when you walk down the street with clothes that you think are looking good, people will usually accept (at least) that this clothes are perfect. ,
Act as if you are doing it – or do not worry. The effortless part of elegance, of course, has to be presented with an air that does not interest you or that you’ve just come across the first outfit you could find. Be humble or indifferent when people supplement your clothes.
Going Grace To be elegant, you also want to be elegant and coordinated. It does not mean falling when you’re wearing heels. Courtesy should be easier for boys, but it is still important, so do not neglect it.
Be comfortable, even if you are not. Even if you’re wearing 4 “stilettos, you need to look completely natural and you’re completely comfortable, do not complain, and keep adjusting your clothes, if that style does not work for you, if you can not look casual, try something more comfortable can be comfortable and elegant.
Relax. Again, the effortless style has everything to do with a great look, while giving the impression that you have not tried. Without effort, right? So relax. Adopt a generally relaxed attitude for everything in life. Always stay calm and happy and you will feel much better no matter what you wear.

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