One follows: 10 of the coolest startups of 2016

Staying in fashion in fashion is something the whole society wants to do.

It’s hard to keep up with constantly changing fashion trends. New startups, such as in 2016, make shopping easier.

They also make it easier to know the style when shopping with them.

These 10 fashion starts are just the tip of the iceberg, with dozens of new fashion startups emerging this year.

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1. Cuyana

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cuyana focuses on delivering sustainable products. This startup provides high quality reading content to help clients stay in a smaller wardrobe while keeping up with the changing and changing fashion trends.

Cuyana’s idea is to beautify the Lean Closet Movement, which means that garments are bought for a specific purpose and with the intention of being worn frequently, rather than just shopping for special occasions. ,

2. Tenth amendment

Those who like quick access to new modes will be fans of the Nineteenth Amendment. With this brand designers can penetrate into the fashion industry and non-known reach the mass in other ways. Independent designers can offer collections for sale in limited quantities (pre-production access) for items prior to mass production.

Nineteenth change

3. Electric room
With 3D printing catching the attention of the industry, it was only a matter of time before it became a fashion industry. Electroloom produces seamless 3D fabrics. This allows garment designers and manufacturers to tailor garment orders locally. Electroloom will continue to focus on garment manufacturing in the textile industry before turning to other industries.


4. Daniel Christian Tang
Three founders met for Daniel Christian Tang. This startup reinvents jewelery with 3D printing. Each piece of jewelry is considered a “wearable art object”. Designs can be more complex and personalized. Inspired by the arts, architecture and fashion, timeless jewelry can be reinvented to suit modern tastes.

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5. Ellison glasses
The rising cost of fashionable eyewear has led Ellison Eyewear founder Aristotle Loumis to develop a more affordable product. During a trip to Greece, Loumis began working on fashionable eyewear that would help communities, be affordable to most of society and comfortable to wear. Part of his vision was to create classic styles with modern accents that fit in with today’s society.

Ellison glasses

6. Modavanti
Modavanti is a leader in eco-friendly fashion retailers. He is very specific about the designers he presents in his online store. Designers must meet a long list of criteria to certify that products are manufactured in America, are biologically and environmentally friendly. For those who are ecologists, this service is ideal because the founder, David Dietz, believes that shoppers should be able to shop based on their personal values.

7. Palm angel
Palm Angels is still in its infancy, as it became known only in the last part of 2015. The brand is focused on making skatewear a little more elegant and sociable. Palm Angels already has interests of big fashion brands like Colette in Parris and Saks Fifth Avenue. Comfortable hoodies can be put on; Palm Angels proves it.

Palm angel

8. Mrs. Dress Up
Ms. Dress Up was born in Canada with the help of the Joe Fresh Innovators program. The founder of this program has invested $ 1 million in the development of Canadian fashion companies. This startup is designed to help women create their own innovative styles, and show them how easy it can be to look and feel beautiful. It is a program based on the fashion sense and the empowerment of women.

9. Wear your label
Awareness of mental illness is important to society. Wear Your Label creates clothing and household items, each containing inspirational messages to support various mental health awareness initiatives. One of her messages is “It’s okay to disagree” and “stressed out”. The online retailer only understands the challenges of mental illness and mental acceptance.

10. Sure
Made Safe is designed to ensure that textiles, clothing and other products are made from safe materials. This fashion-oriented start-up takes the time to visit the facilities to judge if their ingredients are “safe”. The entire process, from which ingredients / materials come from, what is added to them and how they are treated, is taken into account.

Last thoughts

Many of these startups are the result of problems encountered while shopping with other retailers. The founders used their experiences and discovered shortcomings in the retail market for the products they needed. Some focus on the recycling of items and become eco-friendly, while others focus more on buying more comfortable fashion products for consumers.

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