The personality of classic fashion

Classic perfectly describes your style. They prefer timeless looks, beautiful but simple cuts in clothing, beautiful natural fabrics, leather shoes and handbags. Tradition is important to you. Sometimes you can be frustrated if you do not find the exact style of a popular garment, handbag or shoe that is worn. And you often keep your fashion accessories and clothes until they’re worn, simply because most of your shopping does not go out of fashion.

Although you are not the most obvious person in a room, you will always look good.

The wardrobe of the classic fashion personality

A look into your wardrobe reveals many neutral colors, especially the black and often the navy. You have at least one little black dress and maybe several. They also prefer solid colors over prints. Most of your clothes and skirts fall to the knee.

You are looking for value in your wardrobe options. Of all types of fashion personality, the classic guy is most interested in dressing. You’re not afraid to spend money on clothing or accessories that will last a long time, and you did not hesitate to spend money on making changes to make sure your clothes are performing well.

The personality of classic fashion at work and while playing

In their opinion, companies need an individual look and have become their motto in the workplace. You do not mind wearing a suit to work. If you were told at work that you had to stand in front of a large group in an hour, you would not be afraid that you were dressed inappropriately.

You tend to dress a little more than your colleagues.

Your work wardrobe will reflect more your fashion personality than your wardrobe. You have more problems assembling a wardrobe than a work wardrobe. Sometimes you are not sure what kind of clothing is suitable for casual wear.

Shopping and classic fashion personality

They tend to move towards expensive clothes. Because value is also important to you, you have become very competent in sales. Sometimes you find it difficult to choose jeans and casual wear because they are not your favorites, so you should not spend a lot of time buying them.

Change the style of the classic fashion personality

Although your style is timeless and works well for you in most cases, you can create a more modern look without losing your classic fashion personality by adding some stylish touches to your wardrobe. Choose trendy low-cost accessories every season and wear them right away. You will enjoy projecting a more modern look. Forget investing in fashion clothes and stick to budget decisions. You can also enhance your wardrobe with splashes of bright colors and other prints. Soften your fashion personality by adding ruffled or other feminine detailing.

Special note for the little personality of classic fashion

Her classic, tailored look will suit you as a petite woman. Custom clothing is semi-fitted, which makes the wearer thinner and thus larger.

Your love for black and navy also plays in a monochrome style, which is a different way of looking taller and slimmer.

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